We welcome all Visiting Pilots…

…but we do ask that if you are visiting the Island for the first time, please don’t just turn up and fly. Make sure you contact a committee member to let them know your intentions. As with many other clubs, some of our sites are sensitive and you will need up-to-date information as well as a Sites Guide.

In order to fly our Island sites, you must be a member of the BHPA (or its equivalent) and will also need to join the IWHGPC. Click here to download our Membership Form.

We are a very small club, and rely on membership fees to help maintain our sites. If you are already a member of any UK club, then we would encourage you to join us as an associate member. It’s dirt cheap at £15!

We hope that you will enjoy flying our sites as much as we do and would ask that you look after our sites so that we still have them when you have left!

For more information or any membership queries, contact our Membership Secretary – Dave Dunjay – on  07873 657810 or send him an email

How to get here:

  • by Car & Passenger ferry from Portsmouth, Southampton or Lymington
  • by hovercraft from Southsea

Links to all the major ferry companies and Isle of Wight Tourist Information can be found on our links page.