Club Trophies & Awards

Each year we have a celebration of flying achievements made by the club members. Club Trophies & Awards are presented at the end of a ‘thank you’ meal given to the farmers and landowners who allow us to fly our sites. Without their help and co-operation, there would be no trophies to win!!

To see both past and present winners scan through the table below – If you can fill in any of the blanks please let the club secretary know so that we can update the records.

There’s also some photos at the bottom of the page for your amusement!


Trophy NameDescriptionYearAwarded To
Over the Back
Over the Back Trophy
Awarded for the best inland XC league flight.
Sponsored by Geoff Underwood.
2014Richard Perkes
2015Richard Perkes
2016Richard Perkes
2017Richard Perkes
2018John Rudge
IOW XC League
IOW XC League Trophy
Awarded to the overall winner of the IOW league (including all cliff runs)2002Paddy Court
2012Richard Perkes
2013Mark Luscombe
2014Dave Dunjay
2015Dave Dunjay
2016Richard Perkes
2017Richard Perkes
2018Richard Perkes
Best IOW XC Flight
Best IOW XC Flight
Awarded for the longest or best single flight on the Island.
Sponsored by Richard Perkes
2012Gordon Mucklow & Richard Perkes
2013Richard Perkes
2014David Fentum
2015Mark Luscombe
2016Richard Perkes
2017Richard Perkes
2018Richard Perkes
Big Jelly Fuss
Big Jelly Fuss Trophy
Awarded to the club member with the highest number of points in the WRPS 2011Rob Husbands
2012Richard Perkes
2013David Fentum
2014Richard Perkes
2015Richard Perkes
2016Richard Perkes
2017Gordon Mucklow
2018Richard Perkes
Best IOW FlightAwarded for the best (most fun or interesting) flight on the Island. (not necessarily an XC flight)2001Laurie Gavaghan
Silver cup no image2002Paddy Court
2003David Fentum
2004Julius Robson
2005 Paddy Court
2014Chris Underwood
2015Dave Lambley
2016Laurie Gavaghan
2017Paddy Court
2018Chris Gibson
Best Newcomer
Best Newcomer Trophy
Title says it all!2011Max
2012Roger Bingham
2013Dave Lambley
2014Sophie Court
2015Sam Cambridge
2016 Harry Young Jamieson
2017Martin Drake-Knight
2018Nina Clough & Catherine Crouch
Most Improved
Most Improved Trophy
Again the title says it all!2012Paul Yeoman
2013 Paul Street
2014Steve White
2015Not awarded
2016Paddy Court
2017Will Rome
2018Christ Court
Operation Neptune
Operation Neptune Trophy
Awarded to the most, best or most unlikely Blackgang Run.1982Pete Riley
1983Tim Buckley
1984C Belford
1985Frank Cook
1986Frank Cook
1987Julian Fraces
1988Mike Boyle
1991Barney Barnes
1993Trevor Hutchings
1995Innes Powell
1996Paul Street
1997Mike Rouse
1998Mike Rouse
1999 -2001?
2002Udo Peters
2003Laurie Gavaghan
2004 -2010?
2011Richard Perkes
2012Mark Clarke-Lewis
2013Paul Yeoman & Josh
2015Paul Yeoman
2016Tim Buckley
2017Tim Buckley
2018Laurie Gavaghan
2016Richard Perkes
The Wooden Spoon!Awarded for spooning it!2014Paul Street
2015Dave Dunjay