The Isle of Wight Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club Gallery.

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George Cousins at Take Off
Geoff Underwood at Alum Bay Jan 2014
Hang Gliding West Wight
Island Snow Flying
Flying over Blackgang
Crossing the Solent July 2012
Looking East from the Needles
Red Cliffs
Flying over Cowes
West Wight 2012
Alum Bay Jan 2014
Freshwater Golf Course
Miracles Happen
Flying over Sandown Pier on the way to Culver Down IOW
The White Cliffs
Paul Yeoman at St Catherines
Flying at Dusk
Alum Bay Jan 2014
Crowd on the White Cliffs!
Tandem & Solo Flying with Rainbows
Paul Street on his Delta2
St Catherines Down Mar2014
Chillerton Take Off
Tandem Flying
2 mantra 6's fly the white cliffs
White Cliffs
Dave Dunjay at Limerstone Take Off
Dave Dunjay @ St Catherine's on the way to the Wight Mouse Pub!
The Needles
Lining Up
Solent Flying
The White Cliffs at Dusk
Flying the Cliffs May 2014
Alum Bay Jan 2014
Chillerton Take Off
Biodiversity at the bowl
Paul Street flying the White Cliffs on M6
Hanging Out!
Geoff Underwood Taking Off Alum Bay Jan 2014
Cliff Run at Sunset
Gordon Mucklow Sky
Osbourne House
Alum Bay Jan 2014